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Single bed in wrought iron

In the bedroom of children a single wrought iron bed is perfect for the princess or the prince of the house. In our e-commerce you can find twin beds in wrought iron of each type: modern, classic, vintage, retro, colored, with or without head.

But why choose a single bed in wrought iron?

Wrought iron is a fascinating material but also strong and resilient. This material is the first steel that has been accidentally discovered following the production of copper. The production of iron wrought occurred through the iron ore cooking inside a domed oven together to coal and wood. The cooking process needed a few hours. What was achieved? A primitive block, dubbed bloom, which was to be worked on and fought to eliminate all waste. From this process, the name of wrought iron.

The addition of carbon in the stage of processing gives lightness and makes it particularly malleable. The wrought iron beds are real craft jewelry, presenting a refined and elegant design from the fairytale charm.

The wrought iron can be worked into a variety of shapes and patterns, resulting in soft, romantic character design, whether it be modern or classic wrought iron beds. Thanks to this feature, the wrought iron beds are suitable for many styles of furniture.
You can choose a bed so colored wrought iron, light colors like white or pastel colors to dark ones like brown, black or gray. The variants of doodles characterize the pattern of the bed; romantic, classic, modern, ethnic or vintage.

Discover the entire collection of singles in white wrought iron, black or colored, in our e-commerce at discounted and affordable prices for every type of furniture and for all budgets!


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