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Just relax is of primary importance for a healthy and balanced life and to make the difference is just the mattress! Do you wake up in the morning with a slight backache and it passes after 15/20 minutes? Surely you don’t have the right mattress. In fact, you should choose an ergonomic mattress that best supports your body in a natural position. The mattress should not be too rigid or too soft because pressure points don’t receive the right support.

How to choose the right mattress?

Then try the mattress in the shop and lie down in the position where you usually go to bed. Dont’t forget to match the appropriate pillow! You have to check Mattress Life, Mattress Type, Budget, Firmness, Sleeping Position and Body Weight.

What are the main types and models of mattresses?

Spring mattresses are the most used ones and there are so many types. Shape and thickness can be diversified to provide more or less intense support to meet individual needs. The padding is embedded in the outside which can be in viscous or latex foam.
Memory foam mattresses are on the rise. They are made of foam layers of different density that respond to weight and temperature, and are known for their comfort because they fit the shape of the body. It is also possible to choose a mattress in memory foam. This type of mattress is great because it fits the body shape relieving the pain by reducing the pressure points.

Latex mattresses are known for the good support they give to the body at night, allowing for the same comfort of the mattress in memory foam. Memory foam however providing greater support. Recommended for those who suffer from back pain.
There are also inflatable mattresses, which use air-filled rooms instead of springs, and are covered with a layer of foam on top.

Discover all our italian matrimonial and single mattresses and choose the right model for you and your back!


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