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Outdoor furniture

Anyone who owns an outdoor space understands its importance and appreciates its value. With "outdoor environment" we refer to gardens and courtyards but also to balconies and terraces. It is necessary to carefully furnish the exteriors and choose quality products that are not only beautiful but also durable and resistant. Pari Arredamenti boasts a wide range of outdoor products from the most prestigious brands such as Connubia, Vermobil, Bontempi and Scab Design. Let's see in detail the variety of their products.

Outdoor chairs

Outdoor chairs are practical and functional elements. The ideal outdoor seat must be solid and sturdy to guarantee stability and resistance to atmospheric agents but also versatile and easy to lift. For this reason, large companies such as Vermobil, Connubia, Scab Design and Bontempi use first choice materials to create products of high quality standards. It is a good idea to divide the types of existing chairs to guide us towards the right choice for our needs.

Types of outdoor chairs

  • Stackable outdoor chair

The stackable chair is an indispensable choice for outdoor environments with little space. In fact, these outdoor seats allow them to be stacked on top of each other to save space and be more easily placed in a storage room or tool shed.

The Sunset chair by Scab Design is a modern solution for the outdoors thanks to the choice of materials such as technopolymer, which makes it light and easy to lift although very robust and resistant to atmospheric agents. It is available in different color shades to adapt to public or private contexts such as linen, dove grey, yellow, geranium red, pistachio green, light blue and graphite.

Another stackable seat present in our furniture e-commerce is the Mimmo chair by Vermobil . It stands out for its classic design and sinuous lines that only an iron chair can offer. The backrest has an Art Nouveau style workmanship and is available in the variant with or without armrests.

Bontempi 's proposal is the Net outdoor chair, made of Texplast and available in the version with or without armrests. It has a solid structure in lacquered or chromed steel while the seat and back are in Texplast, a resistant and breathable plastic material. This outdoor chair is very comfortable, elegant and at the same time functional thanks to the possibility of being a stackable chair.

  • Outdoor folding chair

Another effective method to optimize outdoor spaces is to opt for folding chairs which can be stored in a basement or garden shed if necessary. The folding chair is a valid solution for adding extra seats around a table for last minute guests or for being placed next to a folding table.

The Salina folding chair by Greenwood is a dining chair made of teak and equipped with removable cushions. Queen is a simple and practical padded folding chair for outdoor environments.

Vermobil has created the Springtime folding chair, a classic and refined seat perfect for the garden and terraces. The metal chair is available in different finishes to meet personal tastes and presents itself as an elegant and extremely practical seat which, with the addition of a cushion, gives even more comfort.

In our Pari Arredamenti store there are also folding wooden chairs such as Bridge by Talenti, the director's chair with high comfort and a simple appearance that adapts perfectly to any outdoor space. The folding chair is made of mahogany wood and the backrest and seat in textilene which guarantee its longevity.

  • Outdoor chair without armrests

The chair without armrests shows itself with a more refined aesthetic, thanks to the absence of armrests it is lighter and more practical.

The Colette armless chair by Scab Design has a glass fiber reinforced technopolymer structure. This plastic chair is characterized by its perforated backrest and its unique shape. Colette is a comfortable and light chair without armrests that adapts very well to outdoor environments and is available in different colours: linen, dove grey, orange, cornflower, light blue and anthracite.

The Abs Bridge chair by Talenti is a chair with a modern design and innovative materials that preserve its quality over time. We are talking about a very comfortable and versatile chair in outdoor spaces.

  • Outdoor chair with armrests

When we think of a garden or a terrace we imagine an oasis of relaxation and peace, because this is what outdoor space should be, a sort of escape, a feeling of freedom. This is why the chair with armrests is ideal for open spaces, as it manages to allow a more relaxed and more comfortable pose by allowing you to rest your forearms.

An example of a chair with armrests is the Alice armchair by Vermobil designed with a metal structure and a Texplast seat. This seat with armrests is ideal for minimal contexts and is comfortable with or without a cushion. Alice is a modern chair with simple lines that will fit perfectly in your garden.

  • Padded outdoor chairs

A padded chair is certainly more comfortable and allows for a more comfortable stay. When we talk about a padded chair we can refer to a padded covering which is therefore incorporated into the seat or to a cushion which allows it to be separated from the chair and becomes optional.

Ines by Bontempi is an outdoor padded chair which, thanks to the presence of the optional cushion, guarantees an unparalleled sitting experience.

The padded chair has a lacquered steel structure and a comfortable and enveloping backrest.

Outdoor chair materials

What defines a chair in addition to the line and style is precisely the material, which in fact manages to confer sensations and a different visual impact. The most used outdoor materials are wood, metal, natural fiber and plastic.

  • Wooden outdoor chair

Among the types of wood most used for seating are bamboo , teak and banana , resistant top quality woods. An example of a wooden chair is Panarea by Greenwood designed in teak and equipped with removable cushions. The Maxim Chair with wooden structure and polyester seat and back is waterproof and resistant to wear over time. Wood gives warmth and sensuality to a classic outdoor chair.

  • Outdoor metal chair

The metal chair is a modern chair but depending on the workmanship it can take on a more classic or vintage look. Among the most used metals for the production of chairs we see steel , iron , aluminum and cast iron for those who want elegant accessories that last over time. The Aria armchair by Vermobil is a galvanized metal chair, with clean and simple lines that denote a chair of undisputed beauty. Tosca is the stackable outdoor chair by Vermobil, characterized by a classic design and a sober seat with all the reliability of Made in Italy.

  • Chair in natural fiber

Among the natural fibres, Rattan stands out , a material obtained from the processing of some climbing palms from South-East Asia. It is a very ductile and malleable material that is suitable for braiding. We remember the Cloe outdoor dining chair. With its sinuous lines and its enveloping backrest this chair is perfect for ethnic or colonial style furnishings.

  • Plastic chair

The choice of a chair made of plastic materials is dictated by the need for a light and resistant product. Elements of this type include Polyrattan which resembles rattan in appearance but is a synthetic fiber designed to ensure greater durability for outdoor furniture. Resin , polypropylene and polycarbonate are also used .

The Shark polypropylene chair by Bontempi has an enveloping and ergonomic backrest that adapts perfectly to the body and is easy to lift. Shark is a modern chair with an innovative and original look, the plastic seat is very comfortable and adapts to different contexts, including outdoors.

Outdoor sunbeds

The sunbed is an essential element for those who want to recreate a relaxation corner in the garden or on the terrace. It allows you to completely relax both to sunbathe and to relax reading a book in the shade of a tree or an umbrella.

Types of outdoor loungers

There are different types and models of outdoor sunbeds that meet the needs related to the space and style of the outdoor context. Let's see in detail the products available from Pari Arredamenti.


  • Sunbeds without padding

The sun lounger without padding is undoubtedly the most classic, an essential solution for the garden or terrace that hosts it. It is the perfect complement to find by the pool thanks to the resistant and water-repellent materials that protect it from humidity and wear.

The Step cot by Talenti is a practical model with simple and refined lines. It has an aluminum structure and a textilene seat, while the backrest is adjustable to achieve greater comfort.

  • Sunbeds with padding

The sun lounger with padding is certainly softer and more relaxing. Cloe is the outdoor lounger with a powder-coated aluminum structure woven with Natural fiber which gives an immediate feeling of well-being.

  • Fixed sunbeds

The fixed sunbed is ideal for those who can boast large outdoor spaces as it is more stable and easier to use. A model in this category is the Carloforte cot by Greenwood equipped with wheels to be moved easily and a removable table to place books, electronic devices or a glass of fresh lemonade.

  • Folding beds

Those who have a balcony or a small terrace certainly don't have to give up the pleasure of enjoying the sun and the open air, which is why foldable outdoor loungers are created. The folding cot is practical to arrange and is an excellent space-saving idea.

Materials of outdoor loungers

As we have seen, the sun lounger can be divided into some categories depending on the shape and characteristics it has. Another element that distinguishes sunbeds is the material with which they are built. Therefore we can consider purchasing one of the following types of cot:

  • Sun lounger in Texplast

  • Aluminum sun lounger

  • Canvas sun lounger

  • Wooden sun lounger

Outdoor deckchair
The deckchair is the ideal compromise between the sunbed and the armchair. It offers the ability to swing slightly back and forth without losing contact with the ground. The back arches gently to let yourself be cradled by this comfortable seat.

The Taormina folding deckchair by Vermobil is a light and elegant complement, with maximum flexibility thanks to the stainless steel structure and the Texplast seat.

Outdoor tables

Types of outdoor tables

  • Fixed outdoor table

The fixed table is a solid element that guarantees stability, it can be made with the classic 4 legs or with a central support. The Bridge table by Talenti

it is made entirely of treated mahogany, to resist atmospheric agents and is suitable for furnishing verandas, terraces and gardens. We are talking about a modern table characterized by simple but refined lines, available in two different formats.

  • Extendable outdoor table

The extendable table is synonymous with practicality, it is an indispensable element to guarantee more space between diners or simply to offer a support surface for food. The transformable table is an excellent space-saving idea for a garden or terrace as it has a smaller shape and allows you to optimize the space available.

Valentino by Vermobil is an extendable metal table for outdoor use. It is a removable table that consists of a sturdy structure and an elegant appearance.

  • Outdoor folding table

The folding table is a brilliant idea for those who have limited space but still want to have the possibility of having lunch outdoors on nice days.

The Vermobil Springtime folding table is made of galvanized iron, guaranteeing maximum comfort and practicality as it is a very easily foldable table.

  • Outdoor high table

The high table is a choice dictated by personal taste, but it undoubtedly produces a notable visual impact. In fact, all you need to do is look at it to realize that a high top with stools gives the garden an immediate touch of glamour.

The Alto Seaside table by Vermobil is a design table born from the idea of creating trendy spaces. The metal high table is part of a kit that also includes four outdoor stools with simple and modern lines.

  • Low outdoor table

The low table or outdoor coffee table is an accessory that manages to give class to a modern garden. It is possible to find coffee tables or cocktail tables in wood and metal.

The Touch coffee table by Talenti is round in shape, made entirely of aluminum for outdoor use. It is a small and graceful piece of furniture for gardens and verandas, available in different shades of color such as white, dove gray or mokka.

  • Stackable outdoor coffee table

A practical and functional solution that allows you to stack multiple tables to optimize the outdoors. The Argo coffee table by Scab Design has a glass fiber reinforced technopolymer structure and is stackable up to 4 pieces.


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