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Trellis foot Shiny chrome steel

€ 108,75 € 134,26

Slatted network

€ 110,66

Slatted frames and accessories

Once you choose your bed and mattress, it is important to choose the network as it affects the final result. It can give you a feeling that the mattress is stiffer or softer than when it was tried in the store, to significantly decrease the life of the same.

What type of mattress network to choose?

There are many types of networks, the best known are made with wood frames, metal and with wide or narrow strips, amortized or adjustable. The network is the first support of our body and its movements during the night.

You may be wondering whether to choose the steel structure or timber; Functional differences there are none, but only aesthetic. In fact, generally you choose a wooden structure when the structure is exposed.

There are many types of wood with cu you can build the staves. The slats may be arched or flat. The arched slats are curved upwards and play an important mechanical work. In fact, the arched slats with the weight of the body, are bent according to the movements.

The flat slats instead bend downward, creating a little convexity correct, without support.There are several solutions using the technique of double-storey wooden slats in classic nets bed, in double bed networks, in bunk bed and also in innovative motorized networks.

Usually the slats, in the standard version, have a size of 68 mm, but it is possible to customize the slat in more advanced versions. Surely the use of the staves of wood in networks bed has a function orthopedic: it is the more performant solution to provide a uniform and constant support to the mattress.

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