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Office furniture

How to furnish the office

Office furniture

Comfortable and functional furnishings for those who work from home

Smart working is now an integral part of our daily lives. Many of us work from home and are looking for comfortable and functional home office seating. If you too are looking for the perfect chair and have not yet found the model best suited to your needs, then take a look at our office furniture! When you cannot work in the office or if you have made the decision to work from At home we must create a comfortable environment that will allow us to create the same conditions of comfort and convenience as a workplace.

How to create a working environment even at home

If you are part of that group of people who have decided, or have the possibility, to work from home, one of the first things you need to do is to create a suitable environment for working. Obviously not everyone will have the opportunity to arrange the right furnishings for an office in a spacious room, but even a well-organized corner can prove to be an excellent compromise for a practical and comfortable space.

Those who are lucky enough to have an empty room can transform it into a real study, while those who don't have enough space will be able to create their own work corner even in a specific area such as:

  • an existing niche, a space created within the wall or wall that often already exists or can be created at a later time. There we will place everything necessary to work in peace.
  • Under the stairs of the house, if there is space, we will create our well-organized corner to work without being disturbed.

Based on the location chosen, we will choose the furnishings we need to work, of course, but also to furnish and make our work space welcoming.

Essential furnishings for working from home

Regardless of the spaces, we must carefully choose certain types of furnishings that will be indispensable for our work corner. The must haves for a small homemade office are:

  • a desk, large or small based on our practical and space needs. We advise you to choose one that is well organized with drawers and shelves.
  • Cabinets, or rather not too large wall units in which you can store important files and documents relating to work.
  • A table lamp with a direct type of lighting to give light in the right way and without creating shadow areas on the workstation.
  • Office chairs, essential seats that will allow us to work in a practical, comfortable and smooth way.

What are office chairs

Office chairs are not like ordinary chairs. They do not have a linear and simple design like plastic chairs , and they do not have a refined profile like that of padded chairs .

The office chair was specifically designed to increase the productivity of employees by allowing them to remain seated at the desk for long periods of time while remaining comfortable and active. It is usually a swivel chair, with a set of wheels for mobility and has adjustable height. Modern office chairs have a single load-bearing leg which is called a gas lift and is positioned under the seat of the chair.

What are the wheels under the chair for? A swivel chair with casters allows employees to remain comfortably seated but at the same time reach a certain number of positions within their work area, thus avoiding having to get up a thousand times.

Features of office chairs

What are the characteristics that distinguish office chairs?

In addition to how they look, obviously, office chairs must have very specific functions that don't just stop at aesthetics and design. This type of seating must in fact be ergonomic, but what is meant by ergonomic chairs ?

Ergonomic office chairs: what they are

Ergonomic office chairs adapt to the natural shape of the body without creating friction or forcing. They are very important and useful for those who work long hours in front of the PC because they support the body in the right places and provide relief in the areas that usually suffer the pressure of excessive sedentary lifestyle. The ergonomic chair provides the right support to the spine and thus avoids crushing the vertebrae.

So what are the characteristics of these special office chairs? To be functional and suitable for the type of work they must be:

  • comfortable
  • ensure correct posture
  • easy to adjust
  • reclining

Office chairs and comfort

The office chairs will be comfortable and will have a spacious seat to allow us to sit in the best possible way and work without impediments. In fact, they will adapt to our body. For example, the seats by Olivo and Groppo are very comfortable: the design, the materials and the sartorial tradition blend together to create real artisan jewels, as well as practical seats. The padding allows the seats to maintain their aesthetic characteristics unchanged over time. Furthermore, the armchairs have completely removable covers.

Office chairs for correct posture

An office chair will be suitable for our needs if, first of all, it allows us a correct posture. How do we understand if the seat is ergonomic? The backrest has an S shape just like the structure of the spine. An ergonomic chair ensures correct posture and also allows breathing at a regular pace which, as we know, also helps you concentrate better.

The Varier Variable Balans seats are super original and contain all the innovations regarding ergonomic seats perfect for both the office and the study. The seat is in fact characterized by the particular support for the knees which gives optimal comfort and imposes a correct posture which does not tire the body and, in particular, the back. An absolute must-have product, it is ideal for those who spend most of their working hours sitting, often risking adopting positions that, in the long run, could ruin their health.

Easy to adjust office chairs

The office chairs are easy to adjust in height thanks to the particular systems with which they are equipped, adapting best to anyone's needs. Even the backrest and armrests, if we opt for a model that is equipped with them, can be adjusted to guarantee maximum comfort.

Easy reclining office chairs

Office chairs must be reclining because they allow us to improve our posture and position when we need it, providing relief to all the joints and not just the back. A reclining office chair accompanies all our movements especially when we move backwards thus leaning on the backrest, a simple gesture that we do several times during the day to relax our muscles.

Little curiosity about office chairs

Did you know that one of the first known innovators to create some sort of modern office chair was Charles Darwin? He added wheels to his chair in his studio so he could get to his specimens as quickly as possible.

Office chairs: better those with wheels or without?

But do office chairs necessarily have wheels? Certainly not, they are certainly more comfortable but they can also be without them and still be practical and functional.

In our catalog you will find different solutions, office chairs equipped with multiple wheels that make them practical and allow us to move from one point to another in our studio, or work environment, without necessarily having to get up every time. Then there are models without wheels which, even if they may seem less practical, earn a lot of points in comfort and style because they have a modern aesthetic that makes them close to elegant and padded models.

Office chairs without wheels

The chairs without wheels are characterized by elegant lines, have a modern profile and refined colours. They are very versatile models that adapt to different furnishing styles. They can be placed in a study or in a special space created specifically for our work corner.


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