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Varier is a Scandinavian company known worldwide for its ergonomic chairs. The company has been on the market since 1979 and has collaborated with some of the most famous and iconic Scandinavian designers, such as Opsvik, Øie, Ekstrøm, Salto and Sigsgaard who perfectly embody the principles of Varier and have always been committed to creating chairs from modern and dynamic design with beneficial effects on health .
Sit down, move on . This is Varier's motto.
Varier products are created to challenge the sedentary life that has characterized us for decades, but it does not belong to us in nature, in fact our ancestors led a very active life, only with modernization and progress the situation was reversed. This is why Varier ergonomic chairs are inspired by movement.

In fact, sitting does not mean staying still. Varier chairs are designed to satisfy the need for movement of our body even while we are seated, to date many models have been created that offer more or less freedom of movement precisely to meet personal tastes and preferences. Varier is a constantly evolving company that is constantly studying new seating solutions and experiences, 'The best position is always the next' as designer Peter Opsvik said.

Varier chair types:

Varier offers a large amount of seating to suit everyone's individual needs. The chairs are distinguished by the structure, there is in fact the one with four legs, the sled chair, the chair with wheels and the chair with fixed feet, they further differ in the type of materials used and therefore wooden chairs, chairs with metal base and chairs upholstered with plastic materials. All Varier chairs are designed to offer comfort and well-being and allow freedom of movement at different times of the day, but some are more dynamic than others, it is good to divide them into categories and deepen each type of Varier chair.
  • Varier four-legged chairs
The four-legged chair is appreciated for its stability and resistance , a traditional model has four legs and is recognized as the most classic type of chair. Varier chairs have little of the conventional, they are in fact innovative from every point of view and extremely comfortable.

Date is a modern four-legged chair with a classic design that hides a practical and relaxing side. Date by Varier has a thin backrest that gives the right support to the column and has an integrated tilt mechanism that favors and accompanies the positions and movements of the body. Available in several materials and colors to adapt to the most varied living contexts.
  • Varier Sled Chair
The sled chair is an original invention, a type of chair that stands out, which fascinates with its soft shapes and its undulatory movement. As you can imagine, the sled chair is the one that allows more freedom of movement , thanks to the curved supports at the base that allow those who are seated to rock gently.

Varier's proposals for this category are several and they adapt to different environments of the home and office. For example, the ergonomic chair Actulum by Varier by means of its skates accompanies the natural movements of the body, while Gravity Balans by Varier is a very dynamic chair, designed both as a chair for moments of relaxation and as an active seat, it all depends on the posture that assumes. The ergonomic chair is called Gravity Balans because it gives you the freedom and the feeling you get in the absence of gravity.
  • Varier chair with wheels
The chair with wheels allows great freedom of movement and displacement within the room in which it is placed. This model is ideal in work contexts such as the office or study, situations that force us to remain static but also involve frequent small movements. The chair with wheels can also be useful at home, it can be placed at a desk or in a corner dedicated to the home office.

The Wing Varier model has the same features and benefits of the Balans chair with the advantage of having wheels, allowing you to move smoothly around the room. The ergonomic Active chair is designed to give back support and freedom of movement, aesthetically beautiful and elegant with a functional soul, the seat is adjustable in height and is available in different colors.
  • Varier chair with armrests
A chair with armrests is the perfect solution for moments of relaxation, they offer support for the elbows while reading a book or allow us to assume a more relaxed pose by unloading the weight of the arms and making us feel lighter.
Choosing one model rather than another is a totally subjective choice, this is the reason why many variations are made to guarantee a pleasant and personalized sitting experience.

The Varier ergonomic chair with Gravity Balans armrests allows a relaxed and at the same time dynamic posture, while the Varier Actulum model is a versatile chair suitable for any use.
  • Varier chair without armrests
A chair without armrests is slimmer, more practical and lighter to lift, there are many Varier chair models that do not include them, in this way the arms have full freedom of movement and are able to assume various positions. The armrests can be superfluous while you are at the table or at the computer, which is why Varier has created some models with surprising shapes but with unchanged comfort.

The ergonomic Active chair, Date and the Variable Balans chair by Varier are some of the models without armrests, they are very comfortable and guarantee excellent support for any build.
  • Varier Swivel Chair
The swivel chair allows us to gently swing left and right, ensuring mobility to the legs and torsion of the torso. The chair of this type can include some variants, which is why Varier has created a swivel chair with wheels and a swivel chair with fixed feet, to satisfy the needs of customers.

Varier's Kokon Club chair is as elegant in appearance as it is comfortable, in fact we appreciate its enveloping backrest and its minimalist design, together with its 360 degree rotation ability and the integrated tilt function that follows the natural movements of the body. This model has fixed aluminum feet and is ideal for leisure and relaxation areas.
  • Varier Postural Chair
Varier products, in addition to guaranteeing freedom of movement, ensure perfect support for the spine and neck, allowing us to maintain a healthy posture.

The iconic Varier ergonomic chair is the Variable Balans model, a postural chair with knee support, designed by Peter Opsvik in 1979. This chair allows you to change your position often, in fact resting your knees on the support is just one of the postures that you can take.
  • Varier knee support chair
The knees are a part of the body not to be neglected and this is the reason why Varier creates seats that bring the right support to the knees. Varier has designed chairs of this type that perform a double function: they allow you to rest your knees on a padded support and at the same time adopt a strategic posture to lighten the weight of the back.

The Varier chair models that provide this conformation are for example Multi Balans, an original chair with an elegant design that allows total adjustment of the backrest and the possibility of compacting for easy transport. Another seat with these characteristics is the Varier Variable Balans ergonomic chair, equipped with a particular support for the knees that guarantee optimal comfort and invite to a correct posture .
Varier chair with backrest
The backrest provides additional support to the column and offers both the possibility of lying down and collapsing, especially in the presence of chairs with padded backs. There are several models of Varier ergonomic chairs with backrest including Actulum, the chair that satisfies the need for movement while sitting. Perfect for use at your desk while you work or study, it lets you rock or recline back when you need to stretch out.

The ergonomic chair Thatsit Balans by Varier has a bold and extravagant shape, it inspires a new concept of sitting thanks to the concave backrest and the curved skids, which perpetuate a slight movement, offer a dynamic seat and embellish the environment that hosts it.
  • Varier chair without backrest
You may think that the back is a constant in chairs to ensure comfort, but Varier shows us that a chair without a back can be just as comfortable and beneficial for our health. The Varier icon is precisely the Variable Balans ergonomic chair, the model characterized by a slight forward inclination, the support for the knees and the curved skates at the base. The absence of the backrest gives this chair a unique and elegant appearance with the advantage of having a dynamic line that ensures a correct and healthy position.
  • Varier chairs with footrest
The footrest is a plus, an accessory that is common to find in private contexts such as the living room, it gives the opportunity to stretch your legs and offers the right support for moments of relaxation. Varier Kokon ergonomic chair moves away in style from other models with its modern and innovative look, characterized by simple lines and unmatched comfort thanks to its delicate oscillating function of the base.
  • Varier stools
Varier stools are designed for a unique sitting experience and represent the perfect balance between movement and comfort . A stool is an informal and very versatile seat, which can be identified in many contexts, from the kitchen to public spaces such as pubs, bars and even work contexts. The standout product is Move by Varier, the stool that allows you to sit well and get up with ease.

Varier chairs for any environment

Varier chairs are very versatile and easily adapt to different environments. We have Varier chairs for the office such as Actulum or Active that allow complete freedom of movement, more eccentric and original chairs such as Variable Balans and chairs dedicated to relaxation and leisure such as Gravity or the Peel Club chair by Varier. Varier chairs for the home are the most diverse, depending on the need we find a prompt response from the manufacturer, for this reason kitchen chairs or chairs for the dining room are designed, as well as chairs for the relaxation corner and chairs for the writing desk.
  • Varier kitchen chairs
The chair for the kitchen is usually the classic and traditional model with the backrest that allows you to sit comfortably at the table. A kitchen can also include stools in the case of a kitchenette with a counter.

The Varier Invite chair is a chair for the kitchen that offers a completely original way of being at the table. The structure allows you to rock gently by means of an oscillating mechanism that favors the natural movements of the body and offers a unique sitting experience, making meal times a little more interesting.
  • Varier living room chairs
The living room is a more or less spacious environment that we use to gather, chat with friends, relax comfortably on a sofa or armchair. Varier chairs for the living room are convenient and comfortable, such as the Peel model, the ergonomic chair by Varier with a welcoming shape and a striking visual impact. The design armchair shows an elegant and refined appearance and possesses practicality and functionality. It offers complete freedom of movement thanks to the integrated rocking mechanism, and unmatched comfort with the comfortable footrest.
  • Varier office chairs
The office chair must be comfortable and ensure correct posture so as not to run into any future problems. In the office, a lot of time is usually spent at the desk, so a swivel chair with wheels that allows fluid movements around the room and a padded backrest for more comfort is preferable. Among the Varier desk chairs there is the Actulum chair, inspired by the nostalgic rocking chairs, revisited in a modern way. The wooden structure adapts to the movement of the body by removing tension from the shoulders and neck. The suggested models are also ideal as a chair for the study or for a home office.

Varier bedroom chairs

In the bedroom comfortable chairs and enveloping armchairs are suitable that amplify the relaxing atmosphere typical of the sleeping area. Varier comes up against us with the ergonomic Peel Club chair which, with its circular shape, welcomes the body, inviting it to rest. The armchair is perfect for relaxing and reading a book, instilling calm thanks to the integrated rocking mechanism that accompanies every natural movement of the body.

Chairs for every style

Each style prefers precise lines, shapes and color combinations, which is why Varier produces a large number of chairs with the most disparate structures, the most comfortable coverings and the most varied colors. There are classic Varier chairs, modern Varier chairs and contemporary Varier chairs, in any case we are talking about high quality products, with attention to detail and resistant over time.
  • Varier classic chairs
The chair that adapts to a classic environment is a chair with refined lines and materials. The most used material for classic style chairs is solid wood or wood veneer, but it's also common to find upholstered chairs in a dining room that wants a more elegant look. The Invite seat by Varier is the most classic model present among its collections, with the four wooden legs it reflects the canons of the traditional chair.
  • Varier modern chairs
The modern chair manages to amaze with its simple shapes and its minimal and dynamic appearance. The Date ergonomic chair by Varier is expressed through a modern, sober and aesthetically perfect design with an integrated rocking movement that makes this chair for the living room even more innovative.
  • Varier contemporary chairs
The contemporary one is an eccentric chair that stands out, made with innovative materials and extravagant shapes to strike the observer and offer a new sitting experience . Just think of the ergonomic chair Thatsit Balans by Varier, an original and out of the ordinary chair thanks to the presence of the sled structure and the concave backrest.
  • Varier Design Chairs
What is meant by a design chair? we are referring to a chair with a unique and original appearance, the result of creativity and ingenuity , the ideal choice in contemporary contexts or for all those who love to surround themselves with unique and not very commercial pieces. Varier has created a whimsical chair with a captivating look, a real abstract work of art, it is Ekstrem, the ergonomic Varier chair with unconventional shapes. This chair with a geometric and unusual structure also guarantees a high level in terms of comfort, allowing you to sit down and assume various postures and ensuring extreme comfort.

Varier chair materials

Varier is a company that aims to obtain the perfect compromise between design and quality. Varier materials are of the highest quality and are treated in an optimal way, we have for example high quality laminated beech, coming from European crops, ash veneer, hand sandblasting and use of non-toxic water-based paints. The fabrics that make up the Varier chairs are different, for example 100% recycled polyester or a blend of New Zealand wool and Nylon.
  • Varier wooden chairs
The wooden chair has always been a symbol of tradition, wood is a resistant and very versatile material, able to warm the environment thanks to its shades and the sensation it manages to arouse. Varier seats are made with high quality beech laminated from European crops. The laminate has a particular processing and through the combined action of heat and pressure the different layers compact each other. All wooden parts are durable and flexible and ensure a dynamic sitting experience.

To obtain an elegant finish, the laminate can be covered with a natural or black ash veneer, with a hand sandblasting process and finishing with non-toxic water-based paints.
  • Varier metal chairs
The metal chair with its minimal design and its smooth surface is perfect in a modern context, or in an industrial-style space that makes extensive use of iron and raw materials to recreate a frugal and essential environment. Some of the Varier chairs have a metal base such as the Kokon Club, Peel model which in this case contributes to embellishing this chair, making it even more refined and elegant. The metal used by Varier is 97% recycled aluminum produced in southern Sweden.
  • Varier upholstered chairs
A padded chair increases seating comfort and this Varier knows it well, that's why all of their seats, backs, armrests and knee supports are padded to be soft to the touch and restful for our body. Varier upholstered chairs boast a wide range of colors such as light gray and dark gray, apricot, turquoise, dark blue, red, yellow and of course black. Those used by Varier for the cushioned cushions are high quality fabrics, including 100% recycled polyester, New Zealand virgin wool and Nylon.

Varier chairs in plastic materials
The structures of the Varier seats are mainly designed in beech veneered wood as we have already seen, but for the upholstery of the seats and more generally of the padding, Revive fabric is used, made of 100% recycled polyester. This plastic material is particularly resistant and has the advantage of being fireproof and easily washable. The Revive fabric is made using PET from recycled plastic bottles thus allowing a lower use of energy, chemicals and the benefit of contained CO2 emissions.

Why choose a Varier ergonomic chair

Varier chairs have been synonymous with quality and comfort for over 40 years, you will fall in love from the very first moments with their comfort, as well as with their harmonious and original aesthetics. With use and the passage of time you will realize how indispensable a Varier chair is in your daily life and you will discover that you can no longer do without it. Stop the conventional sessions, go to a unique sitting experience that will bring benefits to your posture.

Varier's best seller is the Variable Balans ergonomic chair that allows you to gently tilt the pelvis forward and encourages a natural, dynamic and upright posture of the spine. In this way the muscles of the abdomen and back are slightly contracted to ensure the spine aligned and the body in perfect balance. The structure of Variable Balans stimulates the body to maintain an active sitting and relieves tension from the shoulders and neck. The posture involves moving the torso away from the corner of the legs, favoring and improving blood circulation. These are just some of the advantages of the Varier chairs that will accompany you over the years will never disappoint you.

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